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One big family. The Ukranians from Sumy enjoyed the Czech Open

Foto: archiv


There was a wild enthusiasm in their eyes and a wide smile on their faces. Also, even at a distance of two meters, one could tell that they did not drink only orange juice in Prague. Ukrainian team, Ravens, played the...

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Recent results

18:20 Podvinný... BLACK ANGELS RIG Umeå IBF MP final 1:6
15:30 Podvinný... IBF Falun Pixbo Wallenstam IBK MA final 8:5
14:00 Podvinný... #Liuttu Fousek Team MB final 4:3
11:50 Podvinný... Malmö FBC Pixbo Wallenstam IBK FA final 1:8
10:20 Podvinný... KAIS Mora UIF Panthers Praha FB final 3:4
09:20 Podvinný... Fousek Team FBC Pitbulls Kolín MB 1/2 final 6:1
08:20 Podvinný... #Liuttu UH Appenzell MB 1/2 final 5:2
20:50 Jedenáctka Traverza Mukařov #Liuttu MB 1/4 final 1:3

Czech Open 2017