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Czech Open was dominated by the Finnish EräViikingit hurricane and the Swedish Pixbo amazons

Foto: Pavel Růžička


Czech Open 2016 is over. And it was quite something. 272 teams from 19 different countries participated in the tournament, making this year the largest in Czech Open's history. Once again, there were thrilling games,...

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Recent results

18:00 Podvinný... Höllviken IBF EräViikingit MA final 0:2
16:30 Podvinný... Zug United Floorball Thurgau MP final 0:3
15:00 Podvinný... Fousek Team 1.MVIL Ostrava MB final 3:4
13:00 Podvinný... 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice Pixbo Wallenstam IBK FA final 3:4
11:30 Podvinný... FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava itelligence Bulldogs Brno J final 2:3
10:00 Podvinný... KAIS Mora UIF Tatran Střešovice red FB final 1:2
09:00 Podvinný... Fousek Team Kalma-Kerho MB 1/2 final 6:2
08:00 Podvinný... 1.MVIL Ostrava IK Stanstad MB 1/2 final 3:2

Czech Open 2016