1. MVIL Ostrava reigns the Men Open category! Winner decided by penalties

14.08.2016 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
35 seconds was all it would take for a first Finnish gold in this year's Czech Open. Fousek Team was close to winning, but eventually lost to 1. MVIL Ostrava. To be more precise, Ostrava tied the score with a desperate last charge, then performed better in the penalty shoot-out. Other than that, both teams were playing carefully and there were not many goal chances. In the end, the Czech team triumphed.

It was Ostrava's seventh victory in the play-offs and it did not come to reality easily. Four of their play-off games (counting the final) were won by just one goal. And it is to say that Ostrava showed quite the nerves and perseverance against Fousek Team.


The Finns played slightly stronger for most of the match, taking the lead thrice. But they lost it every time, despite the fact that they were leading 3:2 after Lumikko's solo ride, when the game was seemingly decided. Ostrava pressed hard as the end drew near though, until Tesárek miraculously scored and tied the match.


Then came the penalty kills. Ostrava could rely on their goalie Kořínek, who negated all attempts at his net. On the other team, the goalie made one mistake. "I wasn't training for penalties for some time and I was not in perfect form. And their player (Roubenek) feinted nicely," the Finns' goalie Hänninen confesses.


Last year, Fousek Team came third, this year they finished second… what about next year?


Men Open final:

Fousek Team – 1. MVIL Ostrava 3:4p
Goals: 24. opponent's own goal, 31. Šrámek, 40. Tesárek, deciding penalty Roubenek – 19. Jaakkonen, 28. Nousiainen, 34. Lummikko.


Final standings:
1. Fousek Team (FIN)
2. 1. MVIL Ostrava (CZE)
3. IK Stanstad (SWE), Kalma Kerho (FIN)
Top scorer: Tomi Kolkkanen (Kalma-Kerho)

Best goalie: Vojtěch Kořínek (1.MVIL Ostrava)

Best player: Jere Rantanen (Fousek Team)

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máte zde chybu ! První skončil Mvil! ne fousek team!
Posted on 8/15/16 12:51 PM.