Chodov miraculously turned the duel with Wiler and advanced to the semifinals! Both Bohemians and Boleslav have been declassed by Swedes

12.08.2017 | zik

Foto: archiv
Mladá Boleslav had a very successful Friday as it beat Otrokovice and Köniz in the playoffs. In the quarterfinal, however, Swedish champion Falun was waiting. The Swedes were ready and defeated the Czech team 11:4. In the semifinal, he meets the last year's kings of Czech Open, EräViikingiit, who won 5:2 over Floorball Thurgau in the quarterfinal. Bohemka lost 1:7 with Pixbo. Thus Chodov will be the only Czech team in the semifinals. Chodov turned the game with Wiler in the end and won 6:5 after the penalty shooting.

Boleslav entered the duel with Falun shakily and conceded two goals soon in the match. At the beginning of the second period Chroust changed the score to 2:1 and threw Falun off balance for about ten minutes. The Czech team was on the offensive, eve close to scoring several times - however, unlike Falun, it had trouble taking advantage of power play. At the end of the second period Falun caught a second wind and scored three goals in quick succession.

No blows were pulled during the final period either. Boleslav managed to close the gap yet again, but then Falun dominated the playing field. The heated match saw quite a few incidents of rough play and Novotny even engaged in several pushing matches. Falun was not thrown off balance for long, however, whih means Boleslav leaves the tournament in the quarterfinals.

In a simultaneously played match, the Finnish team EräViikingit managed to secure a solid 5:0 lead over Thurhau as soon as at the end of the second period. Even though they somewhat faltered during the last period, they still convincingly won 5:2. Even Pixbo, which defeated Bohemians 7:1, demonstrated the sovereign power.


Shortly after noon, another Czech team Chodov presented in play-off at Podvinný Mlýn. Chodov was challenged by Swiss champion Wiler-Ersigen, which was successful in the first two days of the tournament. But Chodov was equal opponent. Till the end of third period Wiler was leading only by one goal and was given a temporary relief by Medelin's and Rentsh's goals. Minute and half before the end of the game the score was 5:2 and it seemed the it is over…


But then 3 fast goals came from Chodov players. Within 42 seconds Strachota, Pražan and Vávra scored and Wiler could not trust their own eyes. It was tied!


What more, the same three players scored also in penalty shooting. Chodov managed amazing turn and advanced to the semifinal and will be facing Pixbo. The game starts at 18:30 at Podvinný Mlýn arena. 


Quaterfinals Czech Open 2017:

EräViikingit – Floorball Thurgau 5:2

Technology Florbal MB – IBF Falun 4:11

FAT PIPE FLORBAL CHODOV – SV Wiler-Ersigen 6:5ps

FBŠ Bohemians – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 1:7

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