#Liuttu dominated the Finnish derby and overcome Fousek Team in the final of Male Open in penalty shooting

Fans watching the final day at Podvinný Mlýn arena enjoyed first penalty shooting. The final of Male Open between #Liuttu and Fousek Team was extremely balanced. Both Finnish teams were changing the dominance from start to finish. In the end it almost looked like Fousek Team will win, but the opponent managed to tie the game and it had to be decided by penalty shooting. #Liuttu players were more skillful in it.

#Liuttu entered the game brilliantly and Pelamo scored already in the first minute. 5 minutes later it was 2:0 after Turrka's goal. But the second half was under the dominance of Fousek Team. Twice in a row Rantanen scored and turned the score to 2:3. #Liuttu didn't give it up, tied the game in the end and was more successful in penalty shooting.


Final of Male Open

#Liuttu – Fousek Team 4:3 after penalty shooting (2:1)

Goals: 1. Pelamo, 6. Turkka, 38. Leppänen, decisive penalty Rouhiainen – 23. a 26. Rantanen, 17. Lummikko


Final results:

1. #Liuttu (FIN)

2. Fousek Team (FIN)

3. FBC Pittbuls Kolín (CZE) and UH Appenzell (SUI)


Top Scorer: Arbnor Papaj (UH Appenzell)

Most Valuable Player: Janne Nousiainen (Fousek Team)

Best Goalkeeper: Antti Jokela (#Liuttu)

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