A decisive victory: Pixbo demolished Malmö and retains the number one position it earned last year

The final of the elite women's category of Czech Open 2017 turned out to be an uncomplicated affair. The greatest favourite of the tournament, Pixbo, faced off against Malmö, which only managed to resist the inevitable for the duration of the first period. Then Pixbo took over and won 8:1. One of Pixbo's victorious players is Czech - namely Eliska Krupnova, a universal player.

The final went as expected; to be honest, nothing short of victory could have been expected of the victors of the last year's World Cup. Malmö on the other hand was a bit hidden during the tournament in the shadow of some of its opponents such as Era/Viikingit, PSS and Vitkovice.


Pixbo clearly had the upper hand right from the beginning; it could consistently attempt to score, while their goalkeeper, Hjörting, had little to do for quite a while.


Despite of that, the first and only goal of the opening period was scored by Boberg.


The hopes that conceding only one goal in the first period could have provoked were mercilessly crushed in the second period though. The crushing pressure allowed several Pixbo players to score - in turn it was Fylke, Pettersson, Boberg yet again, Habib West, Wålinder and Södergren.


It was obvious after 40 minutes who would be victorious; it only remained to see if Malmö can at least score to maintain its honor. That was achieved by Fylke in a virtuous display of combination play.


After the crushing 8:1 victory, Pixbo retains the first position. A dark shadow is cast over their victory though: an injury of their forward Pöllänen, who has been having problems with injuries for some time and who found herself unable to finish the final.  


Final of the Women's Elite Category:
Malmö FBC – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 1:8 (0:1, 0:6 a 1:1)
Goals: 55. F. Mainz Ohlsson – 4. S. Boberg, 29. A. Fylke, 30. M. Pettersson, 32. S. Boberg,  38. C. Habib West, 39. J. Wålinder, 40. Södergren, 48. Fylke.


Final Results:
1. Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (SWE)
2. Malmö FBC (SWE)
3. FBC CPP Bystron Group Ostrava (CZE) & FAT PIPE FLORBAL CHODOV (CZE)


Top Scorer: Cecilia Di Nardo (Malmö FBC)
Most Valuable Player: Ida Sundberg (Pixbo Wallenstam IBK)
Best Goalkeeper: Sara Hjorting (Pixbo Wallenstam IBK)

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