Panthers withstood a push by the Swedish and Miklikova won them the gold medal in the female category

The final of the Women Open category saw a clash of two teams that had not lost a single point in the tournament before. The young elite of one of the most renowned women's clubs - KAIS Mora UIF - is a traditional high scoring contestant of the second women's category; against it played Panthers Praha with the forward Veronika Zittova already present to rely on.

Mora belonged to the greatest favourites of the tournament, at least on paper - and it proved it by not conceding a single goal in its group. Prague Panthers making it to the final was perhaps less expected, but they had not lost a single point before either.


Although Mora players managed a keep a clean record in their group, they most certainly did not keep it in the final: Slana succeeded with a clever charge barely thirty seconds into the match, Jelinkova followed up soon after (she is one of several former members of ELITE now playing for Panthers) and Rakova finished the opening ten minutes of Swedish horror by reinforcing the lead yet again.


The Swedish team did achieve a comeback though; Stickopers scored in the first period already. Mora then proceeded to take over the entire second period and even the score when Gunnarsson and Gustafsson scored within the span of five seconds.


There were more opportunities for Mora, but the match was decided by a fatal mistake in their defence. Miklikova hit the ball weakly at first and fell down. However, the Swedish players hesitated and that gave Miklikova the opportunity to get back on her feet and score. Given that the end of the match was 47 seconds away at that point, the Swedish team asked for a time out, but to no avail - partly due to facing a power play at the time.


Final of the Women Open category:    
KAIS Mora UIF - Panthers Praha 1:3 (1:3)
Goals: 14. J. Stickopers,  25. E. Gunnarsson, 25. M. Gustafsson – 1. Slana, 6. Jelínkova, 9. Rakova, 40. Miklikova


Final results:
1. Panthers Praha (CZE)
2. KAIS Mora UIF (SWE)
3. FBK Jicin (CZE) & K1 Florbal Zidenice (CZE)


Top Scorer: Veronika Zittova (Panthers Praha)
Most Valuable Player: Moa Gustafsson (KAIS Mora UIF)
Best Goalkeeper: Kristyna Hornakova (Panthers Praha)


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