Excellent Falun crushed Erä and will meet Pixbo in the final

12.08.2017 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
Only one Czech team stayed in the men elite after the quarterfinals. It was Chodov, who had miraculously turned the game with Wiler and hoped he will advance to the final. But Chodov met focused Pixbo in the semifinal and lost 1:3. Thus in Sunday's final we will see two Swedish teams, same as in female elite final. Pixbo will challenge excellent Falun, who crushed Erä 8:1. It will also be a rerun of 2014 final, when the triumph went to Enström and his teammates.

EräViikingit - IBF Falun 1:8


The first semifinal of this year's Czech Open was unexpectedly one-sided. The last winner of the tournament, EräViikingit, faced the current Swedish Champion and Czech Open winner of the 2014 IBF Falun. But it looked like there was only one team on the pitch. The Swedes dominated in their pink jerseys and defeated the somewhat sleepy, tired Erä 8:1.


Whoever hoped for thrilling battle of two floorball giants, he had to be disappointed. The game didn't work for Finns at all. They were able to keep the Sweden's pace in the first period, from the second one it was Falun who ruled the game. While Erä tried to attack the opponents goal by slow and patience siege, Falun went the other way and relied on fast counterattacks which they were able to use.


At the beginning of the third period the score was already 6:1 for Falun and it was decided about the winner. Erä was still trying it by power play, but instead of scoring goals, they received two to empty goal. Falun's game, it was an advertisement on modern floorball. Its players worked hard until the last minute, even though they were leading by 7 goals.


Falun has earned it and it is already clear that it will be hard For Pixbo to meet them in the final.


Pixbo Wallenstam IBK - FAT PIPE FLORBAL CHODOV 3:1


Pixbo crushed Bohemians in the quarterfinal and then defeated another Czech opponent. However, the semifinal was a balanced game. Two Chodov's mistakes in the first period decided, Pixbo punished them with fast counterattacks.


Prague team was not able to come into the game for a long time and scored only in the last period. In the end Chodov played without a goalkeeper and didn't manage similar turn as in game with Wiler. Falun's players were well prepared, fought till the end and blocked many shots. The rest of the shots were caught by confident goalkeeper Adler.


Chodov finally lost 1:3, but there is nothing to be ashamed for. Pixbo defender Östholm praised them after the game. "Chodov has really good team and this game was a bit harder than quarterfinal for us. Today, we played two difficult games and I think it was probably our effectivity what decided the games."


We will see if Pixbo will also deal with Falun, well known from Swedish league. The final starts at 15:30 in the Podvinný Mlýn arena. 

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