Wiler is great. People are used to Czechs there, Sesulka says

11.08.2017 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
Three years ago Daniel Sesulka, a gifted floorball player, made a bold move. In order to advance his career in sport, he moved abroad, specifically to Wiler in Switzerland after finishing high school. His efforts were met with success: he really improved significantly in one of the world's best teams and helped it achieve yet another league victory last spring. Now he is a part of the outer circle of Czech representation and his next goal is the gold medal from Czech Open.

So far, Wiler seems unstoppable. It scored seven times in every match of its group: It won against Tatran (7:2), Otrokovice (7:0) and Pixbo (7:4). To add insult to injury, even Wiler's first play-off opponent, Bulldogs Brno, conceded seven goals.


Sesulka played in the first two group matches and was a substitute against Pixbo. He did not let it worsen his mood, though. He cheered his teammates on during the whole match (and by the way, that showed speaking German is no longer a problem for him). "I don't yet know what role I will have in the team in the coming season, that hasn't been decided yet", he explained after a breathtaking match with the Swedes. "We have many players and are testing several variants."


Sesulka is thrilled by his employment in Switzerland: "I love both the country and our team. It's great. The boys are used to Czechs already (There are two more in the team: Radek Sikora, a coach, and Daniel Sebek, a forward). I don't even feel like I'm abroad."


He intends to stay: "My contract covers two more seasons. When it runs out, we will see what happens. I am certainly not homesick though, I am still young (22)", he smiles. "It is true though that I am not one of the youngest team members anymore. We have a very young team."


After the mass return of Czechs into the Czech league (Sladky, Garcar, Tomasik, Ondrucek), Sesulka remains one of the few Czechs to play for an elite foreign team. Wiler Ersigen would like to keep the league title, to get into the Champions League finals and the same goes for Czech Open. It would strengthen Czech floorball for Sesulka to stay in such an elite formation for as long as possible.

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