An important observer: the new coach of Czech representation Kettunen spectating Czech Open.

11.08.2017 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
The Finnish coach Petri Kettunen does not have an easy job. He has to familiarize himself with Czech floorball as quickly as possible, then prepare the representation for the world championship that will be taking place in Prague next year. Czech open helps him in that endeavor; it gives him an opportunity to see the best Czech player playing against strong opponents.

He took the opportunity on the very first day of Czech Open and visited the Vinohrady and Podivný mlýn halls. Altogether he saw the Czech elite in six matches, he is content with what he saw: "It is my first time here at the Czech Open. But I have heard many stories!", he said after a thrilling match between Tatran and Pixbo, in which the Czech team lost 1:3.


Before that, he saw the players of EräViikingit beat Mladá Boleslav in a close shave, but did not lose his optimism: "Czech teams have improved, they are playing at a good level. They just need to learn to score more."


The Finnish strategist knows what he is talking about. Scoring indeed was the biggest problem of Czech representation in the World Games that recently took place in Poland. The Czechs did attract interest under Kettunen's tutelage, but did not score against the strongest opponents and took the fourth place in the end.


There is enough time before the next championship begins, though. Kettunen will start visiting Czech clubs to see them training in autumn and will deliver lectures as well. All by all, he has a lot of interesting and responsible work cut out for him.


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