What does Czech Open have in common with WFC 2016?

29.11.2016 | Mariia Zimina

Foto: IFF
A lot! Men‘s World Floorball Championships in Riga is coming this week! The greatest floorball time of the year is approaching! We are glad to be a part of the show and see a lot of players who come to Prague every year and now playing for their national teams.


We have prepared a list of interviews with players, coaches and team leaders who you are going to see at the upcoming WFC. Stories of International floorball stars from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Czech Republic and national team players from the other countries will be interesting to read befre their action on the biggest floorball event of the year in Riga.


How the Czech Open breaks the records and gather world champions in Prague every year - read here!


Singapore is qualified to Wrld Champonship his year from Asia. You can read more about the Asian teams and contrast with Warberg's 4 world champions participation at the Czech Open here.


Fabulous Enstrom will be for sure making a difference on the field of the Arena Riga the same as he did at the Podvinný Mlýn in Prague. Read an article about swedish star and his performance here.


Czech players acting in Sweden are not rarity anymore. One of them is Martn Tokoš, who defends the Falun's pink jerseys at the moment. One can expect a lot from him also wearing the National Team jearsey. His expectations and experiences from the swedish Innebandy league are summarized in the articles here and here.


Not only the Czech Open hosts the World Champions and a number of National team players. This year we were happy to watch team Lockerud, the legends from Sweden, playing at the Prague Masters lead by Swedish national team coach Jan-Erik Vaara. You can read an interview with him here. They won the tournament in the Men 40+ category on Saturday and the National team list was published on Monday... So the final decisions of the head coach were made in Prague!


It is worth to mention the referees who are the important part of the game as well.


Anyway, WFC is going to be the greatest show of the year, which everyone is looking forward to!



See you in Riga in December and in the year 2017 in Prague!!!



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