Female elite will have Swedish final: Pixbo stopped great ride of Ostrava, Malmö defeated Chodov

12.08.2017 | Michal Dannhofer

Foto: Pavel Růžička
Female elite will have Swedish final, but it was not too far to have at least one Czech team in the final game. Finally, the biggest favorites stopped great ride of Ostrava and Chodov lost with Malmö in penalty shooting. Malmö confirmed its role of a dark horse of the tournament.

Czech fans could be pleased with the fact that there were four teams among final eight teams: Chodov, Ostrava, Bohemians and Tigers. There were definitelly higher expectations from Vítkovice, last year's finalists, but they didn't advance from the eight-final group.


Finally, Nordic teams Pixbo and Malmö, and Czech duo Chodov and Ostrava advanced to the semifinals. While the Swedish teams confirmed their roles of favorites, Czech teams had to turn the quarterfinal games and managed to do it.


Ostrava started its semifinal well and scored after 5 seconds. But the biggest favorites for tournament triumph showed their quality and easily turned the score to 4:1. Pixbo finally won 5:2.  


Malmö, the dark horse of the tournament, confirmed its role and advance to the final by defeating Chodov. But Malmö complicated its way to the final. They led 2:0 after the first half, then 3:1, but Chodov tied the game and the winner have to be decided by penalty shooting. Malmö was successful in it and will meet Pixbo for the second time in the tournament. 

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