One big family. The Ukranians from Sumy enjoyed the Czech Open

02.10.2017 | Jan Zikmund

Foto: archiv
There was a wild enthusiasm in their eyes and a wide smile on their faces. Also, even at a distance of two meters, one could tell that they did not drink only orange juice in Prague. Ukrainian team, Ravens, played the last match in their group at the Czech Open and the coach Roman Karavai and his assistant (and twin) Dmytro agreed to do a brief interview, which we did not publish during the tournament. However, we gladly bring it to you now.

Ukrainian trainers were easy-going. At the beginning of the conversation, they sincerely apologized for their English. Then they did everything they could to speak correctly in a foreign language. "We come from the city of Sumy, that is north of Ukraine. We are from Sumy Ravens which is a hockey, baseball, and floorball club. We play everything. In winter it is hockey, in summer it is baseball and floorball," laughed Dmytro.

Although Russia is not far away, both coaches are patriots. "Russia is close, but we love Ukraine. Strong country, strong people," explained briefly yet aptly Roman.

The Ukrainians are truly proud of their origin, as they showed in the tournament. They were supported by unusually loud and eager fans, or family members, respectively. Ravens brought their relatives to Prague. Roman counts: "There are all of them: mother, sister..." Then Dmytro adds: "And godmother and godfather came, too!"

Their supporters sang chorals in every situation. In the last group game against Olympia Prague, the Ukrainians were struggling, they were losing the game but when they scored, a grand celebration began in the stands.

Ravens were eliminated in their first play-off match as the Belarusians from the Legion team defeated them in an Eastern European derby. But the blue-and-yellow party from Sumy certainly enjoyed their active holiday in Prague. As Roman and Dmytro said: "We love everything about the Czech Republic. Very good country. We are happy here!"

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