Do you like computer games? Have you ever tried paintball or airsoft? And now you have a chance to mix it together! Laser Game is a sport social game which offers adrenaline emotions using modern technology.


Our lasergame is closer to the computer games than anything else. You can use the weapon in two modes, shotgun and submachine gun. In the arena you should pay attention to the energy gates, get your bonuses or take bases.  You can choose from the variety og games and we still try to create new ones for you.




We are the only one Lasergame in Prague which has two arenas at the same place – Labyrint and Aztec, each of them has its own charm and you can try them both!  Besides Lasergame we have table football, tables games, X-box and the bar, where you can get some beverages.


Do not hesitate and come to play - do not forget to take extra clothes with you, you will for sure sweat here ;)


For the participants of Prague Games the group prise is 60,- Kč/person.


Openning hours: 9:00 – 22:00 h


Do not forget to make a reservation on