Sweden Malmö FBC
Female Elite / Female Elite
Kostinek Tomáš
Reichelt Martin
Winner: Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
Pixbo Wallenstam IBK Sweden
1 : 8
3 x 20 min
Sparta Podvinný Mlýn / Podvinný Mlýn
13.08.2017 11:50
Match Statistics
Alica FylkePixbo Wallenstam IBK2 + 2
Stephanie BobergPixbo Wallenstam IBK2 + 1
Cicilia Habib WestPixbo Wallenstam IBK1 + 1
Emmelie SödergrenPixbo Wallenstam IBK1 + 1
Frida Mainz OhlssonMalmö FBC1 + 0
Josefin WålinderPixbo Wallenstam IBK1 + 0
Malin PetterssonPixbo Wallenstam IBK1 + 0
Sofia GrefténPixbo Wallenstam IBK0 + 1
Linda AnderssonPixbo Wallenstam IBK0 + 1
Ida SundbergPixbo Wallenstam IBK0 + 1
Match Events
00:00Match finished
03:50Goal - Stephanie Boberg (10) assisted by - Fylke Alica (30) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:1)
03:50Boberg scores with a shot under the cross-bar
05:50Sundberg was blocked in front of goal
08:23Malmö FBC penalty for player number 8 Ellen Rasmussen, 2 minutes minor for incorrect hit
10:23Penalty is over
18:07Rasmussen shot with no success
19:07Krupnová hit a post of open net
20:00End of 1st part
22:44Pixbo penalty for player number 30 Alicia Fylke, 2 minutes minor for obstruction
24:00Nilsson hit a post
24:44Pixbo playing in a full strength
26:59Pöllänen stole the ball from defender, but her shot hit only goalie
28:02Pöllänen is under medical care after tough collision
28:44Goal - Alica Fylke (30) assisted by - Boberg Stephanie (10) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:2)
29:28Goal - Malin Pettersson (29) assisted by - Andersson Linda (86) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:3)
29:28Pixbo scores 2 quick goals and they are 3 up now
31:11Boberg scores with a touched shot
31:11Goal - Stephanie Boberg (10) assisted by - Fylke Alica (30) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:4)
33:46Pixbo players went to 2-on-1 breakaway, but Habib West missed the net
37:16Goal - Cicilia Habib West (9) assisted by - Södergren Emmelie (93) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:5)
37:16Habib West succeeded in her next scoring chance
38:19Goal - Josefin Wålinder (65) assisted by - Greftén Sofia (16) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:6)
38:19Wållinder scores after good fore-checking of Greftén
39:30Goal - Emmelie Södergren (93) assisted by - Habib West Cicilia (9) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:7)
39:30Södergren and Habib West changed their role. Södergren scored a and Habib West assisted
40:00End of 2st part
40:00Pöllänen won't play anymore due to knee injury
40:01Malmö changed the goalies Johanna Olsson has been substituted and replaced by Loella Andersson
46:10Andersson from Pixbo missed face to face with Andersson from Malmö
47:36Goal - Alica Fylke (30) assisted by - Sundberg Ida (24) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (0:8)
47:36Fylke scores with lots of luck
49:44Mainz Ohlsson missed open net
50:35Landén missed from goal crease
54:44Mainz Ohlsson scores with a backhand shot
54:44Goal - Frida Mainz Ohlsson (34) - Malmö FBC (1:8)