Sweden IBF Falun
Male Elite / Male Elite
Kirjonen T.
Sirkka J.
Winner: IBF Falun
Pixbo Wallenstam IBK Sweden
8 : 5
3 x 20 min
Sparta Podvinný Mlýn / Podvinný Mlýn
13.08.2017 15:30
Match Statistics
Alexander HallénIBF Falun2 + 1
Max WahlgrenPixbo Wallenstam IBK2 + 1
Rasmus EnströmIBF Falun2 + 0
Tom CarlssonPixbo Wallenstam IBK2 + 0
Ciya HajoIBF Falun1 + 1
Jonas AdrianssonIBF Falun1 + 1
Omar AldeebIBF Falun1 + 1
Simon CederströmIBF Falun1 + 0
Tim WiklundPixbo Wallenstam IBK1 + 0
Martin ÖstholmPixbo Wallenstam IBK0 + 3
Emil JohanssonIBF Falun0 + 2
Hassan HajoIBF Falun0 + 1
Anton ErikssonPixbo Wallenstam IBK0 + 1
Match Events
00:00Match finished
00:29Goal - Alexander Hallén (79) assisted by - Adriansson Jonas (8) - IBF Falun (1:0)
00:29Adriansson found Hallén who scores to the open net
02:14Östholm missed with his famous slap shot
04:14IBF Falun penalty for player number 71 Johan Fahlström, 2 minutes minor for obstruction
05:01Östholm hit a post
06:19Östholm missed in a good scoring chance
06:57Pixbo score from free hit
06:57Goal - Tom Carlsson (98) assisted by - Eriksson Anton (30) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (1:1)
08:46Cedeström missed in a good scoring chance
09:36Hedlund stopped Hassan Hajo's shot on the goal line
10:29Hedlund saved two times against Hallén
13:04Pixbo Wallenstam penalty for player numer 79 Jesper Andréasson, 2 minutes minor for high sticking
13:42Goal - Rasmus Enström (7) assisted by - Johansson Emil (22) - IBF Falun (2:1)
17:15We can see high level match
20:00In the end of the first period we could see a small conflict between Eriksson and Backby
20:00End of 1st part
21:16Julkunen blocked Enström's shot
23:40Östholm passed to Wahlgren, who was free in central position. Rehn had no chance
23:40Goal - Max Wahlgren (10) assisted by - Östholm Martin (11) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (2:2)
26:15Players of both teams play with a big passion
27:30Östholma shot and Rehn saved
28:30Wahlgren passed to Henriksson, but he missed from a good scoring chance
30:30Holmgren shot but Hedlund showed tremendous save
31:15Östholam ran along the field. Cederström stole him the ball in the last moment
31:27Pixbo Wallenstam penalty for player number 51 Isak Julkunen, 2 minutes minor for obstruction
33:27Pixbo playing in a full strength
35:25Enström scores after a big mistake of Andréasson
35:25Goal - Rasmus Enström (7) assisted by - Hallén Alexander (79) - IBF Falun (3:2)
36:01Falun penalty player number 68 Casper Backby, 5 minutes major for slashing
36:44Goal - Alexander Hallén (79) assisted by - Johansson Emil (22) - IBF Falun (4:2)
37:03Goal - Ciya Hajo (97) assisted by - Hajo Hassan (95) - IBF Falun (5:2)
37:03Falun scores for second time during the long penalty killin due to cooperation of two brothers with Syrian origin
38:50Time-out for team Pixbo Wallenstam
39:14Goal - Tom Carlsson (98) assisted by - Wahlgren Max (10) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (5:3)
40:00End of 2st part
40:59Falun in a full strength
42:46Goal - Max Wahlgren (10) assisted by - Östholm Martin (11) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (5:4)
42:46Wahlgren used his strength in goal crease and scored
45:45Enström was blocked by Roos
48:08Falun had 3 scoring chances in 30 seconds, but score is still 5:4
49:02Score is changed now
49:02Goal - Simon Cederström (77) assisted by - Aldeeb Omar (10) - IBF Falun (6:4)
51:05Game is interrupted due to Adriansson's injury
52:31Goal - Omar Aldeeb (10) - IBF Falun (7:4)
52:31Aldeeb scores between Hedlund's legs
54:35Pixbo playing with empty net
55:48Hedlund is back in goal
56:27and now he's running to the bench again
57:40Goal - Tim Wiklund (9) assisted by - Östholm Martin (11) - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (7:5)
57:40Are we going to see dramatic last minutes?
58:30Aldeeb missed face-to-face with Hedlund
59:50Goal - Jonas Adriansson (8) assisted by - Hajo Ciya (97) - IBF Falun (8:5)
59:50Andriansson scored to empty net
00:00Falun win gold medal after a breathetaking match