Get your team involved in No Bullying campaign!



Welcome to the information website of the No Bullying campaign. This website is meant for all who want to learn more about the issue of bullying. With the aid of #NoBullying we want to eliminate bullying from our sport. If all teams will understand what bullying means and will learn how to identify it dealing with it will become easier. Let us fight bullying together!


„The organizers of Prague Games tournament are supporters of fair play in sport. The organizers are aware of the threat bullying can represent. Fighting bullying is the main motto of 2016 Prague Games."


Prague Games stand firmly against bullying! 



Have you ever experienced or witnessed bullying? Do you want to know how to prevent it and fight it? If you have reached this point in reading this is where you want to be. You can find yourselves in three roles in the course of bullying: those who bully, those who are bullying and those who witness bullying. Aggressors are often motivated by being the centre of attention. If you witness bullying you do not only have to stand there and watch – intervene and take measures against it! Make sure that bullying in your team does not exist!




Prague Games will be attended by close to 20,000 participants (players, parents, organizational committee members, friends) who will make up one large floorball family. By getting involved into this campaing in floorball environment it is also you who can propagate this message of #NoBullying. Every single one of us can share the idea, bring it into your town, school and social group.


Become part of bullying prevention in your own life! Only if we stand together we can successfuly fight bullying!


How can I become part of this campaign ?


Our campaign is not based on rules and obligations. It is voluntary and it is motivated by good will of every coach, team leader or team captain. 


Start perhaps by talking about bullying during training session before the tournament starts. Give team members an idea of our campaign and try to find answers with your team to following questions:


  • What is bullying and what are the roles in bullying?
  • What does bullying cause? How does it feel when somebody bullies you, when you bully somebody or when you witness bullying?
  • Does bullying in our team exist?
  • Try to recall situations where bullying is present and try to come up with solution to prevent it. 
  • What are the various ways of prevention of bullying the players can come up with? How can everyone be part of one team without exclusions?




Write down the answers and send them to us via our online form. The form can be found here


Filling the form your team become the part of the campaign. The name of the team will be presented on our website and Facebook . You receive material package with wristband and banner to take a photo during the tournament. We will share best answers on our website and Facebook (anonymous or with the permission of the author).


Take a picture with campaign banner that you receive during registration and share your photo on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #NeSikane #NoBullying


You can also add a few words on your website or your social network and put the campaign banner to your website. You can download web banner here. Together we can use this against bullying. We can share the idea of  #NeSikane #NoBullying beyond the boundaries of our community. 



How can I be part of the campaing after conclusion of Prague Games 2017?


The will be no evaluations to the campaign. We will not be competing who will download more photos or who will give best answers to our online form. Only time will show if the campaign has fulfilled its purpose. 


Set a good example to others and do not accept any signs of bullying around you. Be responsible and make sure that you always follow #NoBullying campaign no matter where you are. Wear wristbands with campaign motto, take pictures and share them on social networks even when the tournament will be a history. Maintain official hashtag #NeSikane, #NoBullying well alive. 



Where you can see us during Prague Games 2017?


  • Rubber wristbands with campaign motto
  • All tournament premises/sport halls will be declared and marked as Bullying Free Zones
  • Media team Prague Games 2017 will be distributing information against bullying
  • Leaflets, placards and posters will be visibly posted in all halls and in places where tournament accompanying events will be held
  • Every Prague Games 2017 participant will receive printed information on bullying
  • You can see us in internet and in your mobile phones


Thanks for your interest!


Your #NoBullying team