The support of physically handicapped athletes is very important for the development of the society. We understand it in TCSE and every year we contribute a piece of work for fantastic people, who despite of their disability still do sports and fight for their teams, to develope and enjoy the life. Such heros are for us members of Czech Federation of Powerchair Hockey.



What is Powerchair Hockey?

Floorball on the electrich wheelchairs (angl. Powerchair hockey) is one of two team sports for people with the most sever forms of physical disabilities. This sport has come to Czech Republic in 2003.





Powerchair Hockey vs Floorball

What is the difference between floorball and Powerchair hockey? There are a lot of them. First of all, the rules are adapted the way it can be played by everyone. The basics is to have an electric wheelchair. Also one nneds to have a spirit and courage to start something new. The simularity with florball brings the ball with the holes. But it can't be raised higher than 20 cm under the floor in contrast to floorball where it is allowed. The upper rail of the goals is also lower than in floorball - only 20 cm- the same are the height of the rink. However, in order to make this sport attractive with more goals the width of the goals is 2,5 m. The rink can have sizes from 24×14 m to 26×16 m.


The amount of players on the field is 5. Three of them play with the normal floorball sticks (H-stick), which can be tied to the arm if nessesary.  These players posess the ball, create the game and shoot the goals. Other two players have so-called T-sticks, one of them is a goalkeeper.



How does the T-stick differs from H-one? It is a special stick in a "T" form which is mounted to the wheelchair. Thus, the player can posess the ball using the motion of his wheelchair. This stick can be used by players who can't hold the normal stick. For example, it can be the players who operate a wheelchair using their mouth. However, it does not mean that their role in the game is not important. Except the goalie whose role cannot be underestimated, there is one more T-player. His aim is to block and to create the space for his or her teammates either during the attack and defence.





Chech Powerchair Hockey league

Czech Powerchair Hockey League is the championsips for all czech clubs playing the floorball on the electric wheelchairs. It is organized by the Czech federation of EWH and is devided into six rounds. Each round is organized by one sport club and is played in its sportshall. Up to now there are four czech clubs involved: New Cavaliers, SK Indians Plzeň, Rejnoci Zlín a Red Dragons.


This year the league is played with new system. The league starts in september and ends in may. There are 5 teams participating the first season with new system 2015/2016: Indians Plzeň, Jaguars Praha, New Cavaliers Praha a Red Dragons Praha. More information and results can be found here.




Czech National Team

Czech Nation team was created in the year 2005 and took part in the Europe Championsips in Italy. The final 6th place was taken as a succes, because this sport has just started to develope in Czech Republic in the year 2002 and there were only two teams in the whole country.

In 2008 the National team participated in the Europe Championsips again, this time in Belgium, and was 7th.

The last representaion on the internatiotal level was in Switzerland on the Four Nation Tournament. National team was based on the team Jaguars, the wiiners of the previous season, and reinforced with the players from other czech teams. This team won bronze medals of the tournament.

Recently, the National Team is looking for a new coach.