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We celebrate 25. anniversary of Czech Open 2/23/17 770
25. výročí založení Czech Open 2/23/17 55
Happy new year and sucsessful registration to the Czech Open 2017! 1/3/17 671
Czech Open was dominated by the Finnish EräViikingit hurricane and the Swedish Pixbo amazons 8/18/16 2168
What does Czech Open have in common with WFC 2016? 11/29/16 1464
Dates of Czech Open 2017 are known! 8/30/16 10696
EräViikingit win the most valuable of cups, Tiitu among goal scorers 8/14/16 2543
Kasper SCHMOCKER: Czech Open - super cool atmosphere and good teams 8/10/16 352
Bulldogs win gold in Juniors, Ostrava’s powerful finish would not suffice 8/14/16 2256
Floorball Thurgau triumph over their Swiss compatriots in Men PRO 8/14/16 2355
1. MVIL Ostrava reigns the Men Open category! Winner decided by penalties 8/14/16 2853
Höllviken and EräViikingit to clash in final! Tatran yields after penalty shoot-out 8/13/16 1212
A hit to the crossbar and it is over. Gold medals for Ladies Elite go to Pixbo 8/14/16 2321
The first gold will stay in Prague as Tatran wins in Ladies category 8/14/16 1505
Vítkovice are Pixbo’s challengers in the final. They are the best, but not invincible, Ferenčíková says 8/13/16 973
Pixbo did not leave Burgdorf’s mistakes unpunished and goes to the FlorbalExpert Czech Open 2016 final! 8/13/16 697
Tatran makes the semi-finals! Both Boleslav and Bohemians are out, Wiler eliminated as well 8/13/16 1391
Ladies Elite shows the unpredictability of sport, favourite teams still make the semi-finals 8/13/16 1058
Move your hand five centimetres up! Mladá Boleslav employs goalkeeper coach 8/13/16 1909