Bulldogs win gold in Juniors, Ostrava’s powerful finish would not suffice

The next to celebrate after Tatran Ladies are Bulldogs Brno Juniors, who defeated FBC Ostrava 3:2 in a Moravian derby. The game looked like an easy win for Brno after they set the score to a favourable 2:0 in the first half, but Ostrava managed to close the gap. The tie-breaking goal was scored by Černoch three minutes to the end.

A spectacular battle was expected to break out in the final as the teams know each other from G2 Juniors' league and Brno and Ostrava are long-time rivals.


The battle for gold started better for the Bulldogs, who were stronger, delivering on the goal side in the later stage of the first half. First, Černoch scored in the twelfth minute, and a second goal came from the hands of Voltner six minutes later.


Bulldogs were in control and it seemed that there had been no way for Ostrava to threaten that, but floorball is a fast sport where almost anything can happen. Martiniak took advantage of Zemánek's penalty time and Sládek's spectacular shot tied the game.


Ostrava's joy would last only 25 seconds though, because that is when Černoch scored a brilliant goal, to which Ostrava would not respond. The second set of gold medals will thus travel by the D1 highway to Brno.


Adam Zemánek would have a reason to celebrate after the match. "I think we played quite well, being quicker than the opponent from the beginning, and I think that we deserved the victory," he says of the final match. He did not lose faith even after Ostrava tied the score. "We got under pressure then, but I think we remedied the situation well and won simply deservedly," he adds.