The first gold will stay in Prague as Tatran wins in Ladies category

The first final game of FlorbalExpert Czech Open 2016 saw the battle between KAIS Mora UIF and Tatran Střešovice, who were unexpectedly eliminated from the top women's league last year. After a keen first half, the game was decided by Daniela Reindlová in the other.

An interesting fact worth mentioning is that while the team bears the same name as the one in which Czechs Tereza Urbánková, Lenka Kubíčková and Lauma Visnevska played last season, it is important to note that this tournament's squad consisted mainly of junior players from the high school belonging to the KAIS floorball academy.


While Mora were stronger in the beginning of the match, it was Tatran who scored first, thanks to Nemravová. It was a sort of key moment in the game, since the game was even since then and both teams employed offensive tactics.


The second half continued in the same pace, with Mora having an opportunity to take the lead, but the goal was not recognized as legitimate due to a player standing in the goalkeeper area. After a counter-offensive, Reindlová scored, securing the gold for Tatran.


Coach Miroslav Vybíral is pleased with the result. "We went after our goal and succeeded. They demonstrated that our defence works, albeit with some imperfections. But we will remedy those.  We have fulfilled our duties today and took the deserved victory," he says minutes after being decorated with the gold medal.