Floorball Thurgau triumph over their Swiss compatriots in Men PRO

14.08.2016 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
The teams meet each other in the 2nd Swiss league and now they clashed in Czech Open's second most prestigious final. Floorball Thurgau defeated Zug United 3:0, although it looked like another final match to be decided by penalties. The score after the halftime was 0:0 and neither of the teams could get an advantage. But after the break, Thurgau's marksman Rubi started shining.

Solid defence and great goalkeepers were what defined the first half of Men PRO's final. There were chances on both sides, but no goals. It was apparent that the teams know each other and have tough time surprising the opponents. Nobody wanted to be the one to make a mistake and the score remained 0:0.


The play opened in the second half and soon Thurgau struck. Rubi scored two goals only six minutes apart and Lienert secured the lead by scoring into empty net just before the end. In the literal last minute, Thurgau could have had raise the score, but they failed to take advantage of the penalty shot. Nevertheless, they can celebrate now, although… "We are going back to Switzerland by bus in a few hours and it is a long way, but hopefully we will come up with something,"  the winners' captain said after the match.


Men PRO final:
Zug United – Floorball Thurgau 0:3 (0:0)
31. and 37. Rubi, 40. Lienert


Final standings:
1. Floorbal Thurgau (SWI)
2. Zug United (SWI)
3. Hu-Fa Panthers Otrokovice (CZE), FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava (CZE)


Top scorer: Silas Lienert (Thurgau)
Best goalie: Yanick Altwegg (Thurgau)
Best player: Billy Nilssoon (Zug)